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As a provider for high-end 3D visualization, ThreeDee GmbH is passionately dedicated to the creation of 3D content and to the development of new application concepts regarding virtual reality. With passion, creativity and experience we are able to realize even the most demanding ideas on schedule and on budget.

We’re involved in the development of a wide variety of interactive applications, such as 3D apps, Windows/Mac software, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Our previous assignments especially qualify us for tasks linked to Architecture, Healthcare, Engineering and Commerce.

The utilization of the newest rendering technology allows our applications to be run on a broad spectrum of devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC, or web browsers. 

ThreeDee GmbH assists you as a partner through all the necessary steps up to the use on site.

We'd also like to invite you to visit our office in Munich, where we'll gladly consult you in regards to technology and our services.


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