Interactive and modern presentation

Healthcare and virtual reality

With the sector Healthcare the ThreeDee GmbH is dedicated to the broad range of applications for virtual reality experiences in research and industry. The virtual reality experience can either be put to use as personal training for medical staff, or as a complementary treatment method. Especially concerning prevention and rehabilitation, virtual reality as well as augmented reality offer a practical alternative to conventional methods.

Collaborating with our partners we work on innovative and valid opportunities, to enhance the care and treatment of patients and thereby improving their quality of living by the implementation of VR. This process of development is based on our own medical and therapeutical qualifications as well as our scientific research and survey in regards the application of VR.

Brand communication

Edutainment instead of advertisement makes the process of learning a memorable and exciting experience for partners and customers. By the playful approach, otherwise abstract issues as for instance medication effectiveness mechanisms, can be presented in a comprehensible and vivid manner. Whether accessed per downloadable app or developed for the presentation on a trade fair, it definitively will be an imposing experience.

Use cases


Staff Training


Improvement of Abilities and Skills


Psychoeducation/ Disease Coping

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