Evonik OnboardingVR

Utilizing VR for employee education.

Client | Evonik Industries AG

Projekt Type | Tailor-Made VR

Hardware | Oculus Go

Scope of Work

Concept | Scene Creation | Animation | Gameplay Programming | App-Development

About the Project.

The onboarding of newly hired employees is always a challenging process, especially for big companies like Evonik. Therefore ThreeDee developed a VR-experience which enables a completely new way for employees to get to know their new company. In an immersive and emotional experience the user can explore the historie, the products and sites as well as, in form of four unique minigames, the company's core values. Thus, making the onboarding process easier and more efficient.

Due to the modular nature of the underlying concept and software a continuously integration of additional modules, such as virtual training methods for different production sites, is possible.
Furthermore the application is nominated for the Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence Awards in the category of “Best Use of Virtual Worlds”.

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