Embracing the power of Augmented Reality.

Client | MSD Sharp & Dohme

Projekt Type | Tailor-Made AR
Project Partners
| Magicon GmbH

Hardware | Apple IPad 

Scope of Work

Idea | Concept | App Development | 3D-Design

About the Project.

Explaining complex interactions of medicine on a cellular level might seem like a daunting task. Using a real-world model of pancreas, gut and bloodstream, ThreeDee visualized the effects of JANUVIA and its active pharmaceutical ingredient "Sitagliptin". Apples ARKit 2.0 along with its new tracking and object recognition helped us a great deal in delivering a compelling experience.

Utilizing a modern tablet computer (iPad Pro), the user is able to point at the real-world model, where digital 3D depictions of molecules and various infographics get overlaid on top of the camera feed. A comprehensive user-interface supplies the user with all the information he needs, to get a thorough understanding of the underlying processes.

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