Relax VR.

Enhancing real-world relaxation techniques.

ThreeDee | Product Development

Project Type | Mobile VR App

Project Partners | minddrops Verlag

Hardware | Cardboard VR

Scope of work

Concept | 3D Modeling | Animation | Lighting |

Shading | App Development

About the Project.

„Relax VR“ by the ThreeDee GmbH allows people of different predisposition to accomplish relaxation from any location and with no need of therapeutical attendance.Thereby staff requirements as well as spatial capacity are relieved. Moreover, ThreeDee GmbH's „Relax VR“ provides the unique opportunity to transport the user from a clinical environment to more comfortable and cozier virtual locations.

Not only bedridden people with restriction in movement by physical or psychological cause can benefit from that, but also those to whom a change of environment is withheld completely or insufficient for a variety of reasons.

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