Tailor-Made VR/AR.

Individualized concepts and solutions.

Are you interested in Virtual- and Augmented Reality technology but feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities that VR and AR offer? Look no further, as we are more than happy to help you with that! Our vast experience in tailor-made VR and AR projects enables us to elaborately judge what technical solutions are suitable. Utilize this new medium to convey messages about your brand, outline details of your work, your culture and values in a new and emotionalizing way.

We understand that all clients have different needs and expectations in what problem our technology is supposed to solve. Therefore an extensive concepting and consultation stage is a natural part of our service. Keep in mind though, that this upfront effort will lead to a better software solution later on, where all stakeholders involved will be satisfied by the end result. ThreeDee GmbH will gladly assist you as a partner through all project steps, including technical support and maintenance.

Let us help you become digital!

Custom solutions.

Sustained value.

We draw from our knowledge and proficiency to lay out software architecture and use cases for your custom VR/AR solution. Having worked for major players across many industries, we developed a good sense of valuable scenarios and user stories.

Use Cases.

Where VR and AR can be put to good use.


Trade-fairs have proven to be one of the most relevant scenarios for VR and AR technology. The ever increasing overabundance of vendors at exhibitions calls for eye-catching, memorable experiences.


Offering something special at internal and public events can be daunting, considering the general expectations of todays audiences. Fun, social and engaging VR/AR experiences can serve as a highlight for visitors.

On-Site Installation

For various purposes such as the onboarding and education of new employees, on-site VR/AR installations can play a vital part in a companies long term digital strategy.

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