For a couple of years, online learning platforms and video seminars have found their way into the curriculum of medicine students. By combining virtual reality with real-time simulated physiology, ThreeDee GmbH together with the University Hospital Wuerzburg create a learning environment for students and young doctors ready to take the next step in medical education: STEP-VR.

In a realistic hospital environment subjects treat virtual emergency patients based on current guidelines, gaining clinical expertise and important related skills comprising triage of patients and self-organisation. This aims to strengthen the young doctors self-confidence when they find themselves confronted with an actual emergency situation in their daily routine. Feedback is provided in the program by an in-game checklist of guideline recommendations, supervision through a mentor and, importantly, in real-time by means of adaptive physiology.

In our simulation of pathophysiology, we follow a pragmatic approach on the level of functional subsystems (e.g. cardiovascular, pulmonary, infection) that enables to map most clinical pictures in emergency medicine with their respective vital signs, laboratory parameters and effects of drugs or transfusions.   

A first prototype of STEP.VR has aroused great interest among students and specialists at the "Visceral Medicine 2018", the largest congress for gastroenterological and visceral surgery specialists in the German-speaking area. Currently, the development continues together with the medical faculties of the Universities of Wuerzburg, Ulm and Halle, which will investigate acceptance and performance of the program compared to conventional teaching methods.

If you would like to use STEP-VR for your hospital / department, take part in the evaluation oft he program or want to experience this exciting new learning environment, contact us to make an appointment with your own virtual patient.

Video Showcase.

STEP.VR in action.

„By making young doctors „fit for reality“ of emergency care bevor their very first on-call service, this product will fill a gap in the neglected field of in-hospital emergency management. Appealing to universities as well as hospitals of all dimensions!“

- Prof. Dr. W. Schepp, congress president visceral-medicine 2018

Our Benefits.

This is what STEP.VR offers.

Immersive environment

Treatment rooms as well as medical technology were implemented according to real models.

Life-like interaction

A variety of medically relevant items/devices can be used for diagnosis and therapy to enable measurable results.

Adaptive physiology

Realistic disease courses are simulated in real time by our proprietary Physiologics engine.

Professional expertise

The program was developed in collaboration with medical specialists on the basis of current guidelines.

Continuous development

A growing selection of diseases, diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Easy entry

The STEP.VR tutorial ensures that you do not feel lost as a VR beginner.


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